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Sparks of the Divine who have seemingly lost our way,

we brave spirits sign up for Earth School to learn what is of particular importance and interest to our Souls, individually and collectively. Although we can play hooky, it’s best if we show up and get down to work (and play too—what is school without play time, where some of the most important learning takes place?). Sometimes the lessons are really challenging, so focus and discipline are basic to the learning process. For those who would rather not attend, there are alternative schools with self-guided curricula (thank God for Aquarians).

Earth School includes a great many classes, different schools, graduations—and even higher education for the ambitious. It helps to have a good memory because the learning happens across many lifetimes, and only through expanding our soul awareness can we connect to all that wisdom. It takes many lifetimes to achieve enlightenment because the process is one of learning, forgetting, and repeating courses we have failed in our past.

Because it is easy to get stuck, we definitely need Guardian Angels to nudge us along the path. Some of the angels who help us are celestial and some are human, showing up as parents, friends, colleagues, and even sometimes as enemies. As a matter of fact, some of our best teachers and guides are the most difficult ones, so it helps to appreciate those who bring us our most challenging lessons.

And just when we are feeling bored, alone, or overwhelmed, something happens that gets us back on track, and the sheer grace of that reminds us to be thankful. It is not always easy to appreciate life’s many gifts, but faith and inner vision serve to lift the veil so we can appreciate that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

A myriad of influences are impinging on us at all times, and it’s hard to sort it all out and find out who we really are and what makes us tick. We are subject to the lessons we didn’t learn in past lives, as well as those our ancestors passed on to us as the unfinished business of our lineage. And then there are the collective miasms of the world around us that we have to sort out.

At one level the entire process seems to be utterly random and, at another, perfectly orchestrated and purposeful. And love, love seems to be the glue that holds it all together. Love is the most basic of blessings. Sometimes, when love seems to have been in short supply or cursed out of existence, we send shockwaves through the heavens by deciding, despite everything, to give love. Like waves bouncing back into the sea from the shores they break on, love comes back to us with many ripples, even through life’s countless ups and downs, until we figure out that everything is love, from “the forceps to the stone” (to quote Joni Mitchell).

Lessons themselves are like waves, driven by storms and building on each other, even forming rogue waves that can drag us out to sea. Here, like Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, we battle with life-and-death issues that threaten to destroy us or leave us limping back to shore with only bare bones to show for our struggles. The fight itself is a very deep lesson, and we grow in strength even when it seems we have lost. Perhaps the greatest struggle of all is to be able to see the invisible hand that beckons us onward. Without that knowledge, we must ask, what is the use in it all and what are we accomplishing?

The lessons washing on our shores lately seem to be collective as much as personal in nature. We will all perish if we can’t collectively address the big issues and collectively create effective solutions for the likes of innumerable threats: climate change, nuclear pollution, bloody endless wars and empire building with its devastation of nations and the environment, as well as desperate squalor and poverty for billions while a wealthy few buy control of the planet to perpetuate their psychopathic greed and violence. These, to name a few, are the some of the Earth School’s greatest challenges. Yet studies have shown that a mere 3% of the people acting collectively can instigate radical change. There is hope! Let’s join together and make change happen.

It’s show time for Planet Earth. We can no longer leave the running of this world in the hands of a complex of politicos, corporate psychopaths, and war mongers, whose greed and disregard of the most basic expressions of civilization imperil us all. They are not us, but they have the potential to overwhelm us. We are challenged both at the individual and collective level to graduate into our true humanity and to blow the spark of our Divinity into a full-blown fire. Calling all Angels, calling all Angels….

Published in the April 2014 issue of The LENS – a quarterly E-Newsletter

Peter Selby

Peter has worked as a Clairvoyant Angelic Healer and medical intuitive since the early ’90s. He has been a registered physical therapist since 1978 and is licensed in the State of Montana. He holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a degree in Rehabilitation Medicine from the University of British Columbia, with postgraduate training and certification in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy, acupuncture and studies through the advanced level in CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation. This work draws on conventional wisdom and integrates alternative approaches.