To make an appointment, please select an option below. Once you have submitted payment, you will be redirected to an intake form, which will help us most optimally serve you. As soon as we have received your intake form, we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment.

Private Sessions


In-depth analysis and treatment lasting from 1 to 2 hours. This session includes a recording and drawing accessed through Dropbox.


3 Session Package


Highly recommended: This option is available when paid in advance. This is to be used for 1 person within a 3 month period.


Children 12 & younger


Angels reveal and heal trauma; dissociations; entity attachments; projected issues of the parents and soul issues from other lifetimes.


Pets Sessions


Specific focus on health/behavioral issues lasting ½ hour.  Release of negative energies; trauma; integration of dissociations; grounding and vitality.  


Houses, Buildings, and Land clearings


Negative energies often attach themselves to possessions, land, and buildings. Analysis and clearing $150 – ½ hour session.


Couples Session


Healing Negative Patterns for Parent/child, business partners, friends, romantic couple. $75 charge each ½ hour over 2 hours.


Custom Amount


This is to make a payment that is not shown in one of the above.