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It has often been said that “intention is everything.”

Our intentions manifest. We may not realize that our thoughts and feelings have natural creative power, for better or for worse. We may not be aware that giving energy and focus to our fears strengthens their tendency to manifest, but those effects occur anyway.

The energy of our minds naturally takes form around what we call “the imaginal thrust”—that degree of coherence, attention, and energy we invest in the images, thoughts, feelings, and outcomes that we hold in our minds. Negative intentions, like positive ones, can manifest outcomes to the degree that one gives them energy.

I was told that a Western doctor working in remote Africa relieved the victim of a village magician’s mortal spell by convincing the man that his (the doctor’s) magic was more powerful than that of the magician. Similarly, we can consciously focus our energy on creating what we desire, knowing that, in this Universe, the deck is stacked in our favor. Clear conscious intent for ourselves trumps any intentions, negative or otherwise, projected by others onto us. Projected negativity from others will tend to manifest in our lives when we lack awareness and are harboring similar feelings and thoughts in our shadow selves.

Our life is created from both our conscious and our unconscious intent. The unconscious mind is by nature collective; it is the sum of all the mind influences to which we are connected. This includes our own “imaginal thrust” and that of our family, lineage, and group identifications, including our religious and professional affiliations.

An example of how the collective unconscious mind affects us is when we, through marriage rituals or ritual induction into professional organizations, resonate unconsciously with new influences and states of mind in our energy field. When we say “I do,” we become connected to the collective mindset of the person we are marrying or the group we are joining and becoming identified with. The “imaginal thrust” of this suddenly larger mind can manifest for better or for worse unless we have a strong identity and sense of life purpose for ourselves as well as for our partnership  or group identification.

Manifesting our intentions becomes easier when our intentions are in keeping with “universe-all” creative principles. Our minds are manifesting themselves at all times, consciously or otherwise, so it pays to keep a close eye on what actually does manifest. The hidden glitches in your innate creativity are revealed when your intentions fail to line up with reality. This occurs when you consciously harmonize every aspect of your mind to reflect the same coherent intent.

  • Law 1:

    Align (become coherent) with what you believe in and value; from that place, imagine something you wish to create or manifest. When your intentions reflect what you believe in and feel good about, you set energy in motion. If you are harboring reservations and fears, your dream will tend to backslide because your doubts will subvert the power of your vision. Dream like the Creator God referred to in Genesis, who said of His creation, “And it is good!”

    To create through your mind is to dream with certainty, knowing that the fixed quality of what we call “reality” is but an illusion. Dream not with the certainty that your dream will be manifested, but with certainty as to your intentions.

    Align your intention with the highest overall good of all concerned. This will connect you to the Universal creative energy and the power of the collective positive mind, greatly increasing your powers of manifestation. Example: “I see myself being healthy throughout my life through consciously creating my lifestyle and diet. I attract and maintain healthy positive relationships through being a faithful friend and being involved in my community.”

  • Law 2:

    Use your mental powers to shape your intentions with specific mental images of what you wish to create. Thought is energy. Build the energy through your mental powers, creating specific thoughts that flesh out your intentions with unwavering focus. Example: “I eat small meals often, and I go for a walk every evening. I am in bed by 10 p.m. I limit my exposure to the internet and TV to what feeds my soul and spirit.”

  • Law 3:

    Nurture your intentions with your passion. Create what you intend from your heart, from what you love about your dream and its envisioned manifestation. Love your dream so much that you can feel it in your heart like you do when you are overwhelmed by love for your beloved. Example: “I love feeling healthy and looking good. I love getting out and walking. It feels healthy to go to bed early. I love my pain-free body.”

  • Law 4:

    Put your thoughts and intentions into form, manifesting the coherent structures and actions to support your goals and intentions. Create in your mind vessels (forms) that will hold the life force of your original intent. Example: “I keep my kitchen stocked with healthy food, and I keep fresh organic fruits and vegetables on hand which I juice every morning. I practice yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

What you have imagined and intended, what your coherent thoughts have specifically supported, what you have nurtured with your feelings and passion, what forms and actions you have invested in with the life force of your passion—all of these now fully harmonize and become coherent with the Universal Divine mind, humbly offering your creation to the Universe as if placing a sacred object on an altar. Example: “I am thankful that I am healthy and my good example rubs off on those I associate with. We inspire each other and everyone benefits. Life just keeps getting better.”

Think of these four laws as the four ingredients used to make a cake of four layers. Each layer is made from the same four ingredients, but the frame of reference in each layer is unique, reflecting a discrete zone in your consciousness.

The bottom two layers reflect Mother Earth energy, the lowest being your pragmatic mind (earth) and the one above it your emotional mind (water), which nurtures and brings life up from the earth.

The top two layers are derived from Father Source consciousness, the very top layer (air) inspiring your dream and connecting you to other dreamers and the layer below (fire) creating the specific forms, functions, and motivations that support your dream.

When the Father/Mother poles of your consciousness are harmonious and reflect coherent intention, they can fuse powerfully in love, releasing a burst of (etheric) energy that manifests the sum of your creative intentions. The more love you put into it, the better the cake. Enjoy.

Published in the December 2013 issue of The LENS – a quarterly E-Newsletter

Peter Selby

Peter has worked as a Clairvoyant Angelic Healer and medical intuitive since the early ’90s. He has been a registered physical therapist since 1978 and is licensed in the State of Montana. He holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a degree in Rehabilitation Medicine from the University of British Columbia, with postgraduate training and certification in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy, acupuncture and studies through the advanced level in CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation. This work draws on conventional wisdom and integrates alternative approaches.